The evolution of technology has influenced positive changes in almost every life spectrum. You can remember the days when creating a PowerPoint to show to the class were cutting-edge classroom technology.  That is now history; currently, online presentations bring more to the table to the students regarding what they are in a position to do. In other words, Google slides help student collaborate as well as display ideas in a more efficient manner compared to the former days. Through it, they can create animation, video galleries, storybooks and much more. It is from this that it can be said that Google Apps solution to PowerPoint, brings forth vast possibilities tat make the classroom staple up. Why is this so? First, there is real-time collaboration as well as connection to other Google Apps. Through this, you can embed presentations in websites consequently making the student achieve more than the typical use of the PowerPoint.


Here are some tips to season the Google Slides effectiveness at in your classroom.

The first one is the ability to have shared presentations. Through this, it is easy and quick to connect student's work. You can just create a Google presentation and make a slide for every student where you will assign a number to every student. You can then share the presentation with students using a link or an email.


 The other great feature of this is the screencast videos. Screencast simply means recording video in your screen with audio from a microphone so as to create a video presentation. You can use a screencast tool like Snagit which is very compatible with the Chrome browser. All you have to do is just to install the extension and the app so as to make it work. This means that it is possible for the student to make presentations in Google slides and at the same time record themselves presenting it. If you use Snagit, you will be in a position to directly upload videos to their Google Drive account. With this, you can then share the video with a link or embedded on a website. 


The other great hack of the Google slide presentation is the animation, though this can take you some time to complete. The good news is that it was normally amazing. To understand more about Google slides, visit



The other great advantage of slidespower  is that you can share your presentation globally. This is because the shared presentation which can be number 1 does not need to be in the confines of your class. This creates meaningful interactions which occur in real-time.